The help you need to create the French home you really want.

Have you found your dream French house?  Maybe you’ve got so many renovation ideas,  you just don’t know where to start.  Something still not quite right?

Finding solutions to French property problems is my thing.  I can help you make sense of your project and get the most out of your plans. 

Hello, I'm Martin Hauxwell

I help owners make sense of their French property projects.

Do you own a home in France?  Your favourite place to put the world on pause and make more time for yourself and the people you love.  Perhaps like me, you live and work here permanently.

Wherever you find yourself in this new age of extremes, I’m sure you’ll agree that feeling safe, comfortable and happy at home has never been more important.



Have you found the dream French home you want to buy?

Post Purchase

After the fizzy, are there faults to fix in your property?

Project Management

Do you need to organise your building or renovation plans?


Ah, the F-Word.  There’s no need to feel funny about money.  You have a budget and I have a job to do.  Here are some numbers to help you decide if I’m the help you need to create the French home you really want.

Grab a coffee and see who's talking ...

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