Don't Worry

Sometimes your French property can present a few problems.

What seemed like a lick of paint turns out to be re-plastering.  Drainage that met the local norms; now doesn’t and your neighbour’s boundary seems to include shared access with your driveway.

Be Happy

It’s never too late to arrange a walk-through survey with me.

You can point out your concerns and I can tell you if it’s serious or not.  We can review your plans in situ and the implications on your budget of what you might be required to do so that your property adheres to your commune’s property regulations.

I Can Help You With ...

  • Land parcel purchase and boundary clarification
  • Construction and change of use planning applications, negotiation and coordination 
  • Waste drainage regulations and local authority liaison
  • Renovation and new build regulations and specifications
  • Swimming pool design and safety regulations
  • Ground works and landscaping

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