Foodie Moods

Great food markets are one of the many reasons why I love living in France.  Clare and I will disagree about what to watch on Netflix, but never about what to eat. 

Sharing fresh, local food with our three daughters around the kitchen table is our Happy Place. Most of the time. If the girls aren’t all arguing about clothes.

French foodie

Where's Your Happy Place?

Do you dream of a tranquil garden office to write your novel in?  Would that crumbling outbuilding make a perfect gite? Maybe you wish your barn had an inspection pit so you could renovate your classic car and race in Angoulême’s “Circuit de Remparts” one day?

Peeling Onions

Since moving to live in the Charente in 2003, we’ve learnt that life doesn’t always go to plan.  Breathing life back into buildings is a great adventure, but it’s a bit like peeling onions. 

I can help you avoid the tears so you have more time to enjoy the fun stuff in your French home.


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